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Customers expect a lot from brands. They want personalized experiences. Thanks to mobile technology consumers are everywhere. Ways where consumers can interact with consumers online include websites, social media, and apps and so on.  Every brand and digital marketer wants to get consumers by using engaging content. There is more than one way to interact with consumers today.

If you have an effective digital customer experience strategy then you will have a solid omni-channel customer experience strategy. A great customer experience is important for every brand. Digital customer service is a challenge for brands and any e-commerce development company as most brands do not know where their customers are. Brands need knowledge in customer service.

Companies that improve customer experience get higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue.



  1. Conversion: Data and metrics should influence every customer experience. Every marketing decision should be influenced by data and metrics. You have to understand facts to know which websites and social platforms customers spend their time. You also have to target said customer with specific content. Marketers can now influence customer purchasing decision by using certain contents.
  2. Customer experience: Digital customer experience is part of customer experience. According to Michael Hinshaw, “Some organizations try to deliver a customer experience strategy that is specific to digital without an overall customer experience strategy, making consistency tough to ensure across channels”.
  3. Long term value: When making strategic decisions for brand marketing focus on long-term values. Make sure your plans will bring success in the long run. Understand trends before taking decisions to start them.
  4. Define goals and aims: Clearly define customer expectations from your brand. Know what your customers want and how to give it to them.
  5. Customer service: Make sure customers have exceptional experience if you want to be successful in marketing. Digital marketers use personalized emails, customized product recommendations and so on to make a brand have a customer-centric reputation. Customers want superior customer service and personalization.
  6. Understand customer expectations: Companies must meet or exceed customers’ expectations. Understand what your customers want in the context of your business goals.
  7. The buying journey: Digital marketers know the content that is successful and they can strategically plan to get returns on their investments. Digital experience is improved by optimizing customer experience whilst shopping online or via mobile. Brands should make sure their site is user-friendly.
  8. Research: Observe customer behavior in a natural position. Do ethnographic research with your customers. Observe your customers and get a deeper level of insight.
  9. Feedback: Feedback gives customers a voice and it helps business understand how to improve their customer experience. Capture feedback in real-time.
  10. Change: If a strategy is not working then it is time to change it and reevaluate. Test different strategies and campaigns. Digital marketing is dynamic and marketers need metrics and data.
  11. Get help: Make customers the centre of your decision-making. When designing your digital experience bring in a customer experience expert. Organizations that bring in outside help have greater return on investment.
  12. Unify messages across all platforms: Create a consistent brand message across all platforms to get a unified customer experience.
  13. Emerging trends: Marketers need to know how to use new digital platforms without breaching consumer privacy.
  14. Technology and customer needs: Do not put technology ahead of customer needs.
  15. Be transparent: It is important that companies be transparent about why they are collecting data, what data they are collecting and what they will do with the data. According to Macala Wright, “The biggest thing around data is consumer rights and privacy”.


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