How to generate leads from your website in a simple way


How to generate leads from your website in a simple way

How to generate leads from your website in a simple way

In today age, the website is much necessary for all businesses. I remember when Mr. Bill Gates told: “If your business is not on the internet, then your business is out of business”. He said absolutely right. I know most of the businesses have websites nevertheless, they are unable to generate leads or generate business. Here I am sharing my personal and strong experience how you can generate leads from your website and grow your business. Below tips to follow:

1. Should have the mobile friendly website:

Mobile has taken over desktop use. Your site needs to be optimized for mobile devices or you could potentially lose out on business. Make sure your website should be mobile friendly.

2. Use a contact form on every web page:

You will get better conversions with the lead form showing up above the fold. Have convincing (but not too sales or corny) calls to action. Not only can you then reach out to qualified leads, but you’re also building your email marketing list for when you want to announce events, promotions, discounts, new services or products, and any other shareable information.

3. Show off your partnerships, awards, or any other badges

4. Use case studies and testimonials

5. View your website analytics details:

Whether you’re using Google Analytics or another platform, track your analytics. Look through your Users Flow under Audience to see where users are dropping off and fix those landing pages. Always be split-testing different landing pages until you’ve found ones that have the highest conversion rate.

6. Should have BLOG Page on your website:

Blogging is important because Google loves fresh, original, and resourceful content. When your site is constantly being updated with new content while being shared and mentioned, Google will notice that the next time they crawl your site and you’ll be rewarded with better rankings for those topics. Use relevant internal links in your blog posts to help direct users through your website.

7. Add Online Chat

8. Update Your Website Design:

If you’re not using your website as a lead generating machine yet, chances are high that you’re stuck with an outdated design. Website design trends move quickly and the generally accepted process is to undertake a website refresh every 2, perhaps 3, years. By the time that happens your website looks like a rusty old tin in comparison to the ‘shiny’ new ones out there. And design plays a large role in drawing visitors and encouraging them to stay.

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