PHP Training Courses Institute in Noida

PHP Training Courses Institute in Noida, Delhi NCR India

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PHP Training Courses Institute in Noida, Delhi NCR

PHP Training Courses Institute in Noida

Elegiblity: Students having HTML + CSS knowledge can ONLY apply for this Course

PHP MySQL Training Course Outline
  • Introduction to the Web
  • Authoring Web Page with HTML and XHTML
  • Implementing Site Navigation
  • Adding Graphic Elements
  • Rapid Development using Dreamweaver MX
  • Controlling Page Styles and Layout with CSS
  • Capturing User Input through HTML Forms
  • Adding Interactivity with JavaScript
  • Incorporating Multimedia
  • Adding Interactivity through DHTML
  • Essentials of Web Application
  • Installing & Configuring Web Server
  • Introduction to PHP Programming
  • Fundamentals of PHP & Web Programming
  • Differences b/w PHP4 & PHP5
  • Arrays, Strings & Regular Expressions
  • Session & Application Management
  • Object Oriented Programming in PHP
  • Date, Time & File Manipulation
  • Installing & Configuring MySQL
  • Database Designing using MySQL
  • Standard Query Language (SQL)
  • Database Programming in PHP
  • Sending E-mails from Code
  • Implementing Security in Web Applications
  • Design Patterns & Best Practices
  • Developing & Consuming Web Services
  • Creating Rich Web Interface using AJAX
  • Web Deployment to Commercial Web Servers
  • Maintaining & Optimizing Web Applications

PHP Course Price Plans

S. No. Course Name Price Course Duration
1 PHP + MySQL – Standard Level Course PKR 5,000/- 1 Month – (5 days a week)
2 PHP + MySQL – Expert Level Course PKR 10,000/- 2 Month – (5 days a week)
3 PHP + MySQL + e-Commerce Training Course PKR 15,000/- 2 Month – (5 days a week)


WordPress Development Training Courses Institute in Delhi

Elegiblity: Students having Websites Structure knowledge can apply for this Course

WordPress Development Course Outline
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • How to set up a WordPress website
  • Introduction to dashboard
  • Create and Formatting your posts and pages
  • Adding links
  • Inserting and embedding media – images, video, audio
  • Creating and arranging your menus
  • How to monitor and moderate comments
  • How to stop spam
  • Themes and how can you use them
  • Set Time Zone & Language
  • Theme frameworks
  • Overview of plugins
  • How to install plugins
  • 5 top WordPress plugins and what they do
  • How to use plugins and widgets
  • Website is optimised for Search Engines
  • Tagging and categorising your posts
  • Best practiceswhen linking
  • Sharing your content on other social networks
  • How to Create Users
  • How to set WWW. protocol organically

WordPress Course Price Plan

S. No. Course Name Price Course Duration
1 WordPress Development Training Course PKR 12,000/- 1 Month – (5 days a week)


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