PPC Management

Pay per click known as (PPC) is an Internet Advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where the publisher get his pay when the ad is clicked. In PPC management, advertisements are shown on the websites or search engine results with related content that have agreed to show ads. Actually the PPC management is monitoring and maintenance of a Pay-Per-Click campaign or campaigns. This includes many sort of things as changing bid prices, editing ad copy, expanding and refining keyword lists, testing campaign components for cost effectiveness and the successful conversions out of it , and reviewing performance reports for management and clients, and results to feed in future PPC campaign operations.


Some of our Features:


As effective PPC internet advertising and campaign management are capable of ranking your website at top in searches. Hence a PPC campaign must be maintained by a proficient campaign management company who knows what keywords should be there in a PPC campaign , when these has to be changed , what should be the price for the campaigning keywords etc. At Dy Technology LLP we have experience in maintaining the PPC campaign for various clients in Noida. We have given best results out of all the PPC campaigns that we have manged till date either for clients based in Noida or overseas. All details of the PPC campaign that we have manages can be asked to our staff.


Pay per Click Advertising interests businesses that wish to dominate search engine results for particular keywords. Businesses get distinguished presence on search engines and search networks, and increased chances of relevant traffic making the PPC concept more luring. However, running a successful PPC campaign is not easy. It requires relevant expertise, experience, marketing insights and a lot of time. Dy Technology LLP with its seasoned market and advertising experts help small, medium and large businesses in making the most of their PPC investment.


Active in the web business for more than ten years, Dy Technology LLP is a leading name in PPC advertising & marketing business. With proven strategies to increase your ROI our experts have the knowledge of what will work and what will not to create a sure shot successful campaign for our clients.