Professional web design Delhi NCR


Professional web design Delhi NCR

Professional web design Delhi NCR

If you’re wanting a website just to check a box on your list of “having a website,” we may not be a good fit for you.

We create websites with purpose; websites that are strategically designed to achieve specific, measurable goals. Goals like increasing online sales, generating more leads for your sales team, building your newsletter list, increasing the average size of charitable donations, increasing the efficiency of common tasks in your business, even reducing complaints or support calls.

We specialize in e-commerce and membership sites, and design to increase customer satisfaction, engagement and sales.

After the initial release, we work with our clients over the long term to continually improve the performance of their website, increase the number of visitors (and conversions) they see, and make sure the technology stays secure, fast and efficient.

Over the last 7 years, we’ve perfected our process for working with small and mid-sized business owners, to make the creation process smooth and satisfying.

The Process

  1. #1: Strategy

    The process starts with a conversation. We’ll sit down for a strategy and planning session to identify:

    • Your target market and ideal client/customer
    • What sets you apart from the competition
    • Your brand — how your business presents its value and values to the world
    • Current or potential challenges you face in selling your products and services, such as customer concerns or misinformation
    • Your business’s top goals

    …And how it all relates to your website. Many of our clients tell us that this process brings new clarity and energy to the way they run the rest of their business, as well!

  2. #2: Wireframe

    A wireframe is like a skeleton or a blueprint — and equally as important! A wireframe is a simple, black & white representation of the page layout and navigational structure of your site-to-be. The simplicity of a wireframe cuts through the excitement of color and aesthetic and puts the emphasis on creating a site that is aimed directly at your goals. This stage promotes strategic thinking, keeps a team focused and on the same page, and allows for many revisions without breaking the bank.

  3. #3: Design

    From font size to photography, every design decision is made with your goals in mind. Combined with an effective wireframe and great copy, high-quality design can attract ideal clients, assuage consumer concerns, give your business a professional image that sets it apart, and drive site visitors to complete the actions you desire (purchase something, join your mailing list, meet your goals!)

  1. #4: Build

    The build is when we turn that killer design into reality — by developing killer code. While we’re at it, we’ll hook the site up to a content management system that will allow you to update the site’s content in your pajamas. Our code is standards-compliant and clean as water from a mountain spring, which will give your site longevity, higher ranking by search engines, and better odds of being compatible with new and as-yet-unimagined devices that come to market.

  2. #5: Training

    Even the technophobe will handle their website with confidence after they’ve been through a training session to learn all the essential workings of their site. Plus, we provide you with a visual reference manual covering the same material, in case you forget some details six months down the line.

  3. #6: Getting the word out

    From on-site A/B testing to off-site marketing strategies, we’ll help you go beyond simply building a website and assist in making your site a success. We’ll also protect your site from hackers, perform the technical maintenance your site needs to perform at peak levels, and can even help you to integrate your website more closely with your off-line business processes.

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